CO2 Brew was born out of a shared love for entrepreneurship, adventure, and Yerba Mate. Inspired by travels to Patagonia and beyond, founders James and Wesley brewed up the idea to create a Mate beverage that was true to the culture and health they had experienced, while also adding a delicious carbonated twist. They started their journey in the University of Washington’s Creating a Company class which provided the resources needed to jump start the business and the rest is history! The CO2 Brew goal is to fuel those with an affinity for the outdoors, adventure, and health with a sustainable and organic mate beverage that you can feel great about drinking.

 At CO2 Brew we source the highest quality Organic Fair Trade Yerba Mate, teas, and honey, to create healthy energizing craft teas. Each batch is brewed small and locally in Washington, with the highest attention to detail. Our dream is to share the health and energy boosting proprieties that are contained in Yerba Mate to fuel creatives, professionals, and avid outdoor enthusiasts alike! We take great pride knowing that our beverage offers an authentic representation of Yerba Mate without compromising on quality or health with unnecessary excess sugar or additives. Our tea is made from real steeped tea leaves, no extracts or powders. By using aged, air dried and unsmoked Yerba Mate, we offer all the antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols and naturally occurring caffeine in their natural proportions, without adulteration or chemical extraction processes. If you’d like to know more about our brewing process, drop us a contact here!


Beyond our mission of fueling our communities with healthy energy we are also committed to sustainable business practices and responsible stewardship of earth’s resources. We are excited to roll out and tap into new markets, selling our products in reusable kegs! Allowing us to get more Yerba Mate into the world and reducing the waste and energy devoted to recycling efforts. We would love to see businesses taking sustainability seriously and we hope to set a precedent by making it a core value now and for the future to come.

CO2 Brew Team


CEO, Marketing and Business Development

Growing up on the Central Coast of California, Wes has a deeply instilled love of all things fun and exciting. He loves action sports, trying new things, and creating meaningful relationships with everyone he meets. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Business Management and could not be more stoked to be growing a company of his own. He is almost always stoked… If you run into him on the street he will most likely be looking for the next adventure, the next wave, the next powder stash, or the next free meal he can find.


COO, Operations, Logistics, Finances

One of the original founders at CO2 Brew, James was born and raised in Bellingham WA, he graduated from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington with a double degree in Information Systems and Entrepreneurship. His passions include music, outdoor adventures, health, and philosophy. James offers new perspectives and whimsical ideas through his own analytical and outside the box thinking. He brings an optimistic attitude and a ton of energy wherever he goes… sometimes too much.