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Natural Honey


Peach Apricot

Suited for true Yerba Mate connoisseurs. Natural Honey provides the most authentic unadulterated Yerba Mate experience. This flavor is the perfect balance of earthy, aromatic Mate with a light honey sweetness!

Inspired by a classic South American combination Spearmint and Mate are truly a perfect harmony. Our refreshing blend of the two is sure to quench your thirst and leave you in a state of balance and bliss!

Our Peach Apricot is the perfect blend of fruity goodness, light sweetness, and a distinct Yerba Mate undertone. Suited for those looking for a less earthy more subtle tea flavor. Sure to satisfy any connoisseur of floral and fruity herbal teas!

At CO2 Brew, we encourage businesses to use their resources to support projects with positive impacts in their communi(teas). Check out our latest sponsorship educating the next generation on plastic pollution and responsible stewardship of our earth!

Real Steeped. Premium teas. no extracts.

No artificial flavors or sweeteners. Only 34 cal. and 8g of sugar per 12 oz. Serving.

Mate contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 AMino acids and more antioxidants than any other tea in the world.

Clean jitter-free energy offered by a harmony of caffeine, THEOBROMINE, and nutrients offering               balanced focus without a crash.


Our YERBA MATE: At CO2 Brew our Yerba Mate is sourced from a fourth-generation family farm in northeastern Argentina. Air dried, unsmoked, and aged for a minimum of 9 months to allow the flavor to mellow and reach optimal quality. Our Yerba Mate is certified Fair TradeOrganic, and cultivated using Ecological Farming Methods which maintain high quality in the soil, environment, and biodiversity.

Our HONEY: At CO2 Brew sweeten ever so carefully with Organic honey which has been tested Negative for both Antibiotic and Pesticide Residues. We believe in offering all the health benefits of Yerba Mate without compromising your health through excess or refined sugars. Our honey is made from a variety of wildflower blossoms and offers a deep and rich natural flavor which pairs perfectly with Mate earthiness.